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Welcome to Yeti-ville…

OK, let me start by saying that the last thing I need right now is to start another blog. I’ve already got two that I woefully neglect on a regular basis, not to mention a spec screenplay that has been in the works since before my two-year-old daughter was born and a slew of other daily, time-sucking household chores to keep me busy. So, why am I adding to this chaos by starting another blog?

I guess it’s because the other two just aren’t giving me the same old “oomph” they used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love those blogs to death, but, sometimes, I wanna just vent about day-to-day shit as it happens — parenting stuff mostly, but I can’t guarantee I won’t geek out over the latest Criterion Collection Blu-Ray release either — and since neither of my other two blogs really seemed like the right venue for that sort of thing, well…here we are.

My goal is to try and write something new every day. Sometimes the posts will long, sometimes they won’t. Sometimes I’ll include pictures, sometimes I won’t. Like it says above, totally random thoughts as they come to me. Truth be told, it’ll probably be more like a Facebook status update blog. Short, sweet, to the point and, by all means, feel free to leave a comment.

That said, I can’t promise I’ll write something new every single day — that’s a hard promise to keep, trust me, I know! — or that anyone other than other stay-at-home-dads, or nerdy screenwriters, or stay-at-home-dads who are nerdy screenwriters will even remotely appreciate what I write about. But, I do promise to always tell the truth when blogging about the giddy highs and crazy lows of stay-at-home-fatherhood. And, hey, that’s something, right?

So, check back often, because this here Yeti is just getting ready to roar, baby…

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