The cure for troubled sleep?

OK, so, we’re only a few days into our vacation up here in Oregon and suddenly Greta is sleeping like a dream…actually, better than that. What’s better than “like a dream”? Um, like two dreams? I dunno, but, the point is, she is sleeping like crazy and it is totally awesome.

I don’t know if it’s the fresh mountain air or that hideous sleeping bag of hers, but she falls asleep and stays asleep almost the minute her tiny head hits the pillow.

Who knows, maybe she needed this vacation as much as we did? Either way, sleep has made a very welcome return to our lives…yay!


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2 responses to “The cure for troubled sleep?

  1. Domestiç Reclusë

    Aww, The sleeping bag can’t be THAT hideous, I mean, the brand/label might be, but at least the sleeping bag’s not some gaudy hunter-orange with neon green stripes! Such a bright sleeping bag would definitely do anything but help her sleep.

    I mean, yeah, I agree with you on the Disney Princess marketing scam & I too, have tried to keep my rugrat from being a fanatic, yet all of our parenting-refusals have had us living with daughters who instead, adores those freakish princess chicas! I don’t believe for a second that they all hang out together without a little beaaatch-slapping, prince-stealing, and other forms of drama queen stuff, but eh, my rugrat apparently believes that everyone — even imaginary, pretty princesses — all get along, can communicate with animals, and love the color pink. 😉

    Hideous or not, at least when your daughter’s asleep = you gt to sleep… or whatever it is you’d rather do with the Missus… 😉 Enjoy the nighttime peace and quiet while you can, before she outgrows those Princesses & starts going for a “prince” of her own — one you might not approve of! …That would be a good time to invest in a shotgun. 😉

  2. Great, you got my thinking of “princes” I might not like down the road…now I’ll never sleep. 🙂

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