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Summer’s Eve Commercials II

Sorry to totally obsess over this — Hey, I’m a SAHD, what the hell else am I gonna do all day? — but, just found this even weirder Summer’s Eve commercial online and had to share it with you. Unlike the cheapo “vertical smile” puppetry ads, this one looks like they spent some major bread on it, which makes it even crazier in my book!

So, without further ado, I give you the sprawling epic that is: “Hail to the V: The Extended Cut”. And, seriously, I defy you to think of a stranger ad campaign in recent history. Whoa…

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Summer’s Eve Commercials

OK, has anyone else seen these crazy-ass new commercials for Summer’s Eve? Whoa! My Aunt posted the first one on Facebook last night and I thought, surely, this is some kinda joke…but, nope, these are the very racy, very strange new ads for Summer’s Eve products. Crazy, huh?

I am the total opposite of a prude, but, I gotta say, some of these commercials made me blush bright red. My stars, what will they think of next?! Yikes…

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