Summer’s Eve Commercials

OK, has anyone else seen these crazy-ass new commercials for Summer’s Eve? Whoa! My Aunt posted the first one on Facebook last night and I thought, surely, this is some kinda joke…but, nope, these are the very racy, very strange new ads for Summer’s Eve products. Crazy, huh?

I am the total opposite of a prude, but, I gotta say, some of these commercials made me blush bright red. My stars, what will they think of next?! Yikes…

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  1. Wow! In case any of you have tried playing the links above, you might have noticed that they don’t work, and that’s because, in a total about-face, Summer’s Eve has pulled all the talking vagina ads from YouTube. Crazy, huh?

    Read more about it here:

    And don’t worry, the mini-epic “All Hail The V” ad is still up and running, so, view away! 🙂

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