“Grey Gardens” Greta

Spent most of the morning trying to convince Greta that her gigantic, two-and-a-half-year-old noggin is just too big to fit into her favorite 6-12 month-sized dress. And lemme tell ya, it was brutal. Tears, yelling, throwing, more tears, and that was only on my end. So, finally, I give in and let her wear her favorite dress exactly the way she wants to.

And this, my friends, is what it looked like. Eat your heart out, Little Edie!



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5 responses to ““Grey Gardens” Greta

  1. Cathy Moon

    I always hear that you have to pick your battles with kids. Seeing Great happy as a clam wearing her favorite-way-too-small dress reminds me that most of my battles really could be averted with a silly ending. Thanks for sharing this precious gem of a story.

  2. Oh, man, Cathy…I am so with you on the picking your battles notion. The only problem I have is that every battle seems so damn important at the time, I wish there was a flashing light that would go off to warn me when it was a battle I should totally let slide! That would save me so much angst…jeez…

    • nadia

      Ur jokin right? These days kids, rather 2 year olds are the new 15 year olds! They must wear what they want, how they want–It’s “our” sanity’s choice to ignore it, hence, pick your battles-or else! Dilemma for me: “Skinny jeans make me look fat!” Not my tantrum, but my 3 year old’s(my fat ass won’t fit in them!) So valuable to humanity, that I specifically learned how to use ‘You Tube’ and put that sucker up, to prove to Punkin, year’s later(forget the future boyfriend pic) how sweet and expressive she really was! Hail to the princess’…

  3. Cathy Moon

    I hear you. I would be the first in line to buy that “Let This Battle Slide” flashing light. Seriously, I’d stand in line for a week before it went on sale just to be the first to purchase one. Wouldn’t that be funny? You’d be at the park and there are all of these parents with these flashing lights going off. Then you have a parent’s light going off when their kid is throwing sand at another kid. “Hey, Joe. It looks like your light is broken.” Then you’d be stuck with a broken product and a bratty kid.

    For now, I think I’ll use that picture of Greta as my flashing light…she’s too darn adorable.

  4. Ha ha!! OMG, that image is so hilarious! It would make a great commercial, all these lights hovering above the parents at the park! If I didn’t want that flashing light to be real so badly, it would be even more hilarious. 🙂

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