Wow…what a difference a week makes! Last Monday, Greta couldn’t make it through a whole dance class, and this week at her “redo”, she couldn’t wait to get back in there. I don’t know if it was the gentle drilling I did at home — we watched the ballet and tap scenes from “An American In Paris” like, fifty times! — or the fact that her teacher let her start the class clutching her “Angelina Ballerina” DVD for support, but, for whatever reason, Greta really rocked it this week. Hooray!

And, hey, even if she didn’t rock it, I’d still be proud of her for getting back in there and facing her fears. Seriously, I learned my lesson last week…live and let live, baby. But, lucky for us, she loved the class, so, that is where you’ll find her and me and anyone else who’d like to come watch on Monday afternoons for the next three months.

Now, if anyone knows where I can score some cheap ballet and tap shoes in a toddler size 5 1/2-6, please, hook a brother up. That shit’s expensive!


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4 responses to “Redemption!

  1. Ginger

    Ooooooo…would LOVE to come watch Greta at her dance class when I come visit in October! Hopefully it’s at a time before I leave on my jet plane!

    BTW: There are some great, gently used kids clothing stores up here, so I’m sure there are some uber cool ones down there too. If you don’t mind slightly used, then that is totally a cheaper way to go. 🙂

  2. Gypsy

    I am so happy she is loving her class! I will be there on a Monday in four weeks – I can hardly wait!!
    Check out this website
    Let me know if you see ballet and tap shoes that would work for Greta. Lola has a little extra pocket money this month 🙂 Order her what she needs.
    Love you!

    • Awesome! Greta loves an audience these days, so, she’ll love having you there. And as far as money goes, tell Lola to bring her checkbook, because dance classes don’t come cheap in these parts! 🙂

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