Halloween Pics (2011)

As promised, here are the pics from our handmade Halloween 2011. As I mentioned before, Greta went as an adorable Blue Fairy and Grandma as a forest nymph, or, Mother Nature. Either way, she looked appropriately woodsy and totally awesome!

Mrs. Yeti went as Little Red Riding Hood, and though it might not register on first viewing, I was supposed to be the Wolf. Unfortunately, every wolf mask I tried on scared the hell outta Greta, so, I ended up making my own mask out of brown felt and some corduroy scraps I found in Mrs. Yeti’s sewing closet. I think it looks a little woodsy owl-ish up close, but, hey, at least the girls looked good!


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3 responses to “Halloween Pics (2011)

  1. Ginger

    You guys all look great – so fun! Greta’s costume is beautiful. Great job, Christine!

  2. I know! Didn’t Christine do an amazing job?? The cool thing is it’s also REALLY big on Greta, so, she can wear it again and maybe even again. I’m already picturing her in blue face paint, a blue jumpsuit and the vest and going as the Genie in “Aladdin”! 🙂

    • WENDY

      Nice job at repurposing. Can’t wait to see you in a blue jumpsuit to match1 🙂
      After all, You always do such a great job of everyone staying in the theme of Greta.

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