Time change…

Urgh, does anyone else hate the freaking time change as much as I do? And with the chill of Fall finally settling in down here too, yikes, it’s been a real downer of a week. Cold and dark can suck it, man…gimme back my sunshine and flip-flop weather!

Actually, who am I kidding? I’m still rocking my flip-flops and shorts, you know, when it’s not raining too hard, but, even this old Santa Cruz boy has to switch to jeans come November. Urgh…remind me again why we still “fall backwards” and “spring forwards” in this modern age? So totally lame!


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5 responses to “Time change…

  1. WENDY

    Well said. I totally wonder why 48 states still do this antiquated flip flop of time.
    I’m still not sleeping through the night for some unexplainable reason….urgh!!!
    It’s Ugg/North Face/heated mattress pad weather time up here in Oregon.
    My havianna’s have never gotten so little foot time since leaving Santa Cruz 😦

  2. Oy, I can’t even imagine that…I think Oregon is kinda chilly at night during the SUMMER! Wow…I feel for you…

  3. Cathy Moon

    I would vote for anyone who would repeal Daylight Savings Time. Seriously. When did time become so arbitrary?

  4. Me too! Who’s running on that platform? 🙂

  5. Cathy Moon

    Perhaps I should throw my hat in the ring. At least I’d get two votes!

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