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I ♥ Drew Barrymore

I don’t care what people say about her acting choices (most people consider her a lightweight romantic comedy star at best) the movies she produces and/or directs (her shockingly underrated “Whip It” is one of my favorite recent movies…Ellen Page rocks, yo!) or her crazy-ass personal life, but I love the hell out of Drew Barrymore.

I don’t need to date or screw her or anything, I just wanna be friends with her. Just to, you know, exist in her flowery orbit for a day or so. Anderson Cooper said she smells good too, which, I’m sure she does. I’m picturing kind of a farmer’s market/fresh-cut flowers scent or something kinda fruity, like fresh berries or something. Mmm…I love berries too. I wanna eat blueberries with Drew Barrymore and discuss the dizzily-eclectic “Whip It” soundtrack: “How did you score a Radiohead song?!” I’d ask between bites of berry goodness. Because she’s Drew, that’s how.

Watching her do press this week for her new movie “Big Miracle” (I think I’ve Tivo-ed just about every talk show appearance she’s done!) has only solidified my deep and abiding love for all things Drew. I’m not wild about that new hairdo she’s rocking, but her whale movie looks rad, and her “engagement glow” has only intensified my crush on her. Ack, cute overload!

Anyway, I gotta go write her name all over my school folders in giant bubble letters and shit now, so, see ya around!

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