Valentine’s Day words to live by…

As you can see from the pic below, this was how we rolled this Valentine’s Day. Disney Princess Valentine’s cookies, pizza from Domino’s, and a cheesy romantic comedy, “Friends With Benefits”, rented from the Burbank Public Library for exactly $1.00. Ha! Who needs a fancy, crowded restaurant and over-priced flowers? Not us!

So, the cookies were kinda amazing, the pizza was Domino’s-good, and the movie was surprisingly awesome. That said, there was a point at the 30-minute mark where we considered stopping it in favor of watching that Tivo-ed second hour of Sunday night’s “Downton Abbey”, but, the movie got better and better as it went along, so, we stuck with it.


And I’m glad we did! I mean, yeah, the first half hour kinda sucked, and, overall, the movie wasn’t nearly as good as director Will Gluck’s last outing (the pitch-perfect “Easy A”) but, I gotta say, the supporting cast was hilarious. Nothing against the two leads, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, who were perfect together and had chemistry to burn, but, the supporting players really deepened the proceedings considerably. Seriously, the white-hot trio of past Oscar-nominees, Richard Jenkins, Patricia Clarkson and Woody Harrelson were fantastic. Hell, even Jenna Elfman was good, and I usually loathe her dippy ass. So, kudos to you, Mr. Gluck, for finally getting Jenna Elfman to play a relatable human being. Yay!

Anyway, there were loads of truly hilarious lines in the flick (loads of clunkers too, to be fair) but, our favorite was uttered by Woody Harrelson near the end. Harrelson plays an aging, horndog sports director for GQ magazine, who just happens to be gay. Like, super gay. So, our hero, JT, is at a crisis point — as all good heroes are or should be at the act three break —  and complains about how hard relationships are. Not missing a beat, Harrelson rattles off these choice pearls of wisdom:

“Everybody wants a shortcut in life. My guidebook is very simple, you wanna lose weight? Stop eating, fatty! You wanna make money? Work your ass off, lazy! You wanna be happy? Find someone you like and never let them go…”

Beautiful, huh? Like the rest of the movie, it starts off kinda crass and jaded and has a nice sweet finish. Not sappy, ruin-the-movie sweet, but, real, genuine, catch-you-off-guard sweetness. And hey, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about?

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