Quote of the day: Tia Mowry

OK, let me start by saying that I absolutely loathe Tia and Tamera Mowry — those crazy-annoying twins from that crazy-annoying TV show Sister, Sister — so, I was kinda surprised when Tia said something even remotely interesting (and relevant to my current gig as a SAHD) on The Nate Berkus Show today. Yes, I watch Nate Berkus sometimes. Mostly to fill the gaping hole in my life since Oprah left the basic cable airwaves. So sad…

Anyway, Mr. Berkus was interviewing Tia and he asked her if motherhood was what she expected it to be. You know, total softball, standard daytime-TV question. But her response was surprisingly honest, especially coming from a fake-ass robot like her. Sorry, even if I totally agree with her…I still kinda hate her. Anyway, this is how Tia Mowry answered Nate’s question:

“I’m gonna be honest, I’m gonna be real. The lows are a lot lower than I expected, I mean, I am so exhausted, I am always on auto-pilot. But the highs are a lot higher than I expected [too]. I have so much love for my son, he is my motivation.”

Wow, nicely put, Sister, um, Sister. I feel your lows and your highs!


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2 responses to “Quote of the day: Tia Mowry

  1. “Wow, nicely put, Sister, um, Sister.” <– love this!

    I love her quote though, and can relate to it completely. Sometimes the lows of my days make me wonder if something is wrong with me because all I keep hearing are all these parents gushing about their kids and I'm down to my last nerve with mine… but then like she said, the highs are immeasurable, and it makes it all worthwhile.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way. Even the SAHD’s in my Meetup group have a hard time breaking through that wall of “kids are awesome all the time”. I think the lows are kinda every parent’s dirty little secret. No one wants to admit how low they really are! But one Dad from my group put it best this way: “Sometimes [parenting] is the most beautiful thing in the world, and sometimes it totally fucking sucks!” Ha! Words to live by…

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