“Candle on the Water”

Great, as soon as I vent about wanting to tell my crying daughter to “shut the hell up”, Helen Reddy’s weepy-eyed classic “Candle on the Water” plays on our Disney Pandora channel in the background. And what do I do? I start crying! Oy, I am such a sap.

If you’ve never heard Miss Reddy’s Oscar-nominated tune, it’s from the groundbreaking 1970’s Disney film Pete’s Dragon. We recently rented it from the library and, groundbreaking or not (“Pete’s Dragon” is one of the first full-length feature films to combine animation and live-action), that movie is very f-ing strange. I’m talking almost unwatchable. Seriously, it’s CRAZY. But that sad-ass candle song still gets me every time. So, hold your children close, hit play on the video clip below and be prepared to weep like a little girl…or, you know, a grown man.

Either way, you’re gonna cry. Thank you, Miss Reddy!


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2 responses to ““Candle on the Water”

  1. Cathy Moon

    So sad to hear that this movie is “almost unwatchable”. This is on my list of movies that I haven’t seen since childhood that I’m looking forward to sharing with my boys (it takes a while because one of them is super sensitive). Not to mention how much Ginger & I used to sing this song again and again and again and…

    Other weep-worthy songs from my childhood (because you asked): “Send in the Clowns”, “The Rose”, theme from “Somewhere in Time” (you don’t always need lyrics), and my absolute favorite, just-play-two-measures-to-start-the-waterfall-of-tears “The Rainbow Connection”.

    Yes, seriously.

  2. Ha! I love all those songs too. Especially “Rainbow Connection”! Did Ginger tell you how I made her watch the new “The Muppets” movie when she was here and she loved it! If you haven’t seen it yet, you totally should, it has several kleenex-worthy scenes and they even sing “Rainbow Connection” too! So, yay!

    As far as “Pete’s Dragon” goes, it is pretty bad. But the biggest problem is the pacing, we must have been very patient kids to have sat through something that sluggish…oy, it draaaaggggsss. So boring!!

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