I need another plate…

Ever have those days or weeks when you think you just have too much on your plate? Well, I think I’m having one of those months. The heat wave is killing me, I’m feeling totally scattered and unfocused on the work front — lots of waiting to hear back from people, time delays, blah, blah, blah — Greta is going through a very defiant stage, the holidays are suddenly very real and in definite need of planning, and worst of all, the cat peed on our new bed. Yes, we finally bought a new bed last month and it’s been awesome, you know, except for when the cats pees on it.

In Nigella’s defense (that’s the cat, BTW) she’s had a lot of houseguests the past two weeks and this week there’s a dog in the house too, so, I’m thinking she felt the need to mark her terrority or something. But, man, finding that pee on he bed about an hour before we were thinking of heading to bed was not fun. Even less fun was heading to the laundromat with a pee-soaked comforter, duvet cover and sheet set at 11:30PM. Urgh…at least the place wasn’t crowded, and, they do have really speedy WiFi, so, I got to write most of this post there, which was kinda awesome. But, come on, cat, can’t you pee somewhere easier to clean?! Yikes…

Oh yeah, and on top of all that, the debates really bummed me out. Sorry, but they did. Normally, I try not to get too political here, but, WTF, man?! Obama looked like a zombie! I know he’s busy and shit, but, come on, dude, pick up the pace. Smile a little, laugh, look lively! Urgh…he was like the ghost of Nixon up there. Sure, Obama had (most of) his facts straight, but Romney looked like a freaking movie star, and nobody cares about facts when you’re squaring off against a movie star. Even Romney’s tie was better. I mean, the dude was glowing.

All I know is that Obama is gonna have to really step up his game if he’s gonna seal this deal. Which means I have one more thing to worry about. Urgh, somebody wake me up when it’s all over.

Oooo, speaking of sleep, gotta run, my pee sheets are done…


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3 responses to “I need another plate…

  1. I’d like to know how many hours of my life have been spent dealing with pee? Dog pee, cat pee and most of all child pee.

  2. It’s funny that it ended up being your cat and not even your kid who pees on the bed, too lol. Here’s hoping that the next few weeks are brighter for you. On the weather front, it’s supposed to start cooling down now, thank goodness! I am so over this heat myself!

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