The Library Store on Wheels rolls on!

If you think I’ve been busy after my recent bout with Hobbit fever, you can’t imagine how busy Mrs. Yeti has been getting her store’s new Library Store on Wheels…well, on wheels! It’s been a long, hard journey for Mrs. Yeti (aka Christine Romero) and her co-pilot Sarah Lancaster, from concept to actual execution, but, yesterday morning they finally took their award-winning Library Store on the road and Angelenos ate it up!


And we, for one, could not be prouder of the ladies behind the wheel. Sarah and Christine worked their butts off to make this happen, and their artful attention to detail shows in every nook and cranny of this rocking new Library Store truck. Or so I hear. I haven’t actually seen the truck in person yet, but, I do know that Sarah even designed the linoleum pattern on the floor herself! Cool, huh?

The Library Store on Wheels will be rolling across the southland for the rest of this week and part of next week as well, trying to hit as many different corners of the vast L.A. Library system as they can. For a full schedule of which branch they’ll be parked at each day — they’ll even be parked outside Hollywood’s Amoeba Records on Wed. 12/19 — please visit the Library Foundation’s blog here. You can also follow their every move at The Library Store on Twitter.

Greta and I will be touring the truck for the first time today at the Sherman Oaks library. So, if you’re in the neighborhood drop by and say hello. Or better yet, do some holiday shopping and buy some of the fun, eclectic stuff that The Library Store has to offer.

I mean, hey, Christmas is right around the corner…


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3 responses to “The Library Store on Wheels rolls on!

  1. Gypsy

    Wow, I was excited before but now you have really stoked the fire! I can hardly wait to see it!!

  2. This sounds awesome! So it’s a bookstore food truck, right? Not an actual mobile library where you can check out and return stuff? Either way I’m loving this idea.

  3. Actually, it’s more of a gift store on wheels. They sell books, cards, gifts, jewelry, art, toys, and even t-shirts and stuff too. It’s a very eclectic array of very cool merchandise and a portion of every sale benefits the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. So, it’s for a good cause too! Greta and I hung out with the girls at the truck this afternoon (Greta wants to drive it!) at Amoeba Records in Hollywood and we had a blast. The Library Store on Wheels is officially done for the holidays, but, it will be coming back with a bang in 2013, so, keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

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