Subaru’s “Cut The Cord” ad

This has been a very challenging week for Mrs. Yeti and myself. Greta is turning four on Saturday and though it’s been super fun prepping for the party and picking out plates and cool stuff for the goodie bags and everything, it’s also been crazy emotional for both of us. Our little baby is going to be four and neither one us knows where the time went.

I actually started crying when one of Greta’s Tinkerbell songs came on the radio in the kitchen the other day. Greta just walked in and stared at me, like: “WTF, dude? This song isn’t that good.” It was hilarious. And while I know it’s good that she’s growing up and getting older and possibly starting pre-school in a couple of months, it’s also really hard to face the fact that time is flying by at a merciless clip these days. Things are just happening too fast and it sucks.

I’m not sure what it is about this birthday that makes it more poignant than the previous three, but, something about four just feels old and, honestly, I’m a wreck. And then I saw this car commercial the other day, it made things even worse. Man, Subaru knows how to hit a SAHD where it really hurts…I cry every time I watch this sweetly beautiful little commercial. Oh, God, here I go again…

Anyway, enjoy the clip and if you have infants or toddlers at home, love the shit out of them because, trust me, time flies!


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7 responses to “Subaru’s “Cut The Cord” ad

  1. Cathy Moon

    I know you have been super busy…but thanks for your return to blogging. It helps make this SAHSEM’s day brighter.

    • Aw, thanks, Cathy! And, after running it around in my head all night I think I finally cracked the code in your email. I’m gonna take “Acronyms” for $500 and guess that SAHSEM is: Stay-at-home-self-employed-mom? 🙂

      • Cathy Moon

        That is correct, Mr. Tomas. Congratulations on winning the $500 prize in “Guess the Acronym”. Thanks for playing.

        I bet it was MFTAOTRLS! Just so you don’t loose anymore sleep (More Fun Then Appearing On The Ricki Lake Show).

  2. Gypsy

    I get it – my little guy turns 44 this year. I still worry about him and try to talk to him at least once a week – it’s a Mom thing.

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