Watching vs. Documenting

A friend of mine who has a son around Greta’s age gave me some really great advice recently. He said that over the years he realized that he spent so much time documenting his son’s soccer games, music recitals, etc., that he had never actually seen his son do anything. You know, in real time with his naked eyes.

Greta @ ballet class (May 2014)

So, the next time his son had an event, my friend left his iPhone and camera in his backpack and actually watched his son perform — no camera, no zoom, no video, no flash, just straight up watching — and it was magical. So, last Thursday at Greta’s annual ballet class parent viewing day I did the same thing.

As you can see, I still took a few pictures here and there, but, for the most part I simply watched my daughter dance and it was lovely. Seriously, I never knew what I was missing…Greta was amazing!

If you haven’t tried it yet for yourself, I highly recommend you do. Handing off the camera to someone else (or even just not taking pics or video) and actively watching your kid perform is pretty damn incredible. Try it!

Greta @ ballet class (May 2014)

Greta @ ballet class (May 2014)

Greta @ ballet class (May 2014)


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2 responses to “Watching vs. Documenting

  1. Ginger

    Yes, that’s totally true for many things. I was at a concert last year where the lead singer told the audience to “put your cell phones away and just enjoy the show.” A good reality check, and you are right, it’s amazing to watch events “live”.

    Looking cute in those glasses, Greta! 🙂

    • I know, right? I guess I just got so bogged down in recording everything that I forgot to just enjoy the show, which is crazy, because someone is always taking pics at these things. So, I can get pics from someone later on. But what I can’t do is experience the thrill of a “live” event by watching it on video later. So, kudos to Simon LeBon or Chris Martin or whoever told you to put down your camera! I whole-heartedly agree! 🙂

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