The Final Countdown Part II

I’m sorry, but my deep, abiding love of awesomely cheesy 80’s pop music could not let me use the title “The Final Countdown” for my previous post without paying tribute to the band that made those words famous. Europe’s rocking ode to the end of things has been in my head all weekend, and now, it will be in yours as well. You’re welcome!


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2 responses to “The Final Countdown Part II

  1. Ginger

    Oh yeah! We used this song at the summer camp I volunteer at a few years ago. It was used as an introduction theme song to the zany games that the team leaders played on stage in front of the campers. Awesomeness…

  2. How awesome! This is my favorite go-to jam for anytime that things are coming to an end…I sang the hell out of it on the last day of the WGA strike too! Although, curiously, I’ve never seen this actual music video until I posted it here the other day. How did I miss this insanity all these years?!

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