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Merry Christmas (2014)

I know this is more than a few days overdue, but we’ve been insanely behind on everything holiday-related this season. So, sorry! Believe it or not, this was actually the first year in our married life (and my adult life, period!) that Mrs. Yeti and I didn’t send out Christmas cards either! Yikes…such slackers…

Anyway, I guess the good news is that since we already have the Christmas cards purchased, we’ll be able to start working on them that much faster this coming Christmas! Ha! Either way, here’s hoping the holidays were good to you and that the year ahead is even better! Merry belated Christmas, amigos.

As you can see from the pic, Greta wore her Elsa Halloween costume to her visit with Santa. Yep, it was that kind of year. Enjoy!



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Christmas cards mailed: check

Whew…just finally finished up our freaking Christmas cards. I know, kinda late. But, hey, if you actually send them and they are postmarked any day before the holiday, they still count as Christmas cards in my book. So, they count.

I don’t know what it is, but, Christmas cards, more than any other element of the season, totally haunt me. I literally cannot start having fun until they are done…and now that they are, well, bring on the Christmas cheer, baby! Daddy is ready to par-tay!

Seriously, I was so excited to be finished with our cards that I actually drove them to the post office the minute I finished them…which was around 2:00AM this morning. No traffic, no lines, just me and a big old handful of stamped Christmas cards at the post office. I know I coulda waited till the morning, but, to me, the act of dropping them off inside the post office means that they are beginning their journey to their recipients. Crazy, I know, but, lemme tell ya, I smiled the whole drive home.

So, for those of you lucky enough to be on our Christmas card list, check your mailboxes in a couple of days…and for those who are not, well, Merry Christmas anyway! We still love you.

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Christmas presents wrapped: check

Urgh, what a day. Greta was kinda sluggish and tired all day, no fever or anything, just a general blah-ness I guess. Anyway, she skipped her nap and then fell into a deep, deep sleep right before we ate dinner. Mrs. Yeti and I decided she needed the sleep and figured she’d probably sleep through the night…but, guess what happened? Yep, you got it. She woke up four hours later and proclaimed herself “healed”. Yes, she actually said that, it was hilarious.

So, seeing as it was well after midnight, guess who got to stay up with the newly healed patient? Right again! Honestly, it was no big deal and it was kinda fun to hang with her since she’d been so blah all day, but the best news of all is that we spent our time together wrapping the bulk of our Christmas presents. Meaning, most of the bigger boxes and all of the stuff we bought Mrs. Yeti. So, hooray for us, our beautiful little tree actually has presents under it!

Now, if I could just get those damned Christmas cards started all would be right with the world…

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