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Prayers for NYC…

First off, sorry for not writing for a while. We’re home now, and the last few days of travel and readjusting to life at home have been C-R-A-Z-Y. I think the only thing I hate more than packing for a long trip is unpacking afterwards. I just keep making little piles of stuff: Greta’s room, bathroom stuff, souvenirs, my stuff, oy…I swear, it takes forever.

Anyway, just read that they are evacuating Coney Island and other beach front areas and actually closing the subways in New York City in preparation for Hurricane Irene hitting land soon. Closing the freaking subways? Insanity! Wow…

I know there’s not much we can do from here but send good vibes and prayers and such, so, that’s what I’m doing. It’s gonna be a rough couple of days, but, stay strong, NYC. If anybody can show a measly hurricane who’s the boss, it’s you.

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