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Christmas cards mailed: check

Whew…just finally finished up our freaking Christmas cards. I know, kinda late. But, hey, if you actually send them and they are postmarked any day before the holiday, they still count as Christmas cards in my book. So, they count.

I don’t know what it is, but, Christmas cards, more than any other element of the season, totally haunt me. I literally cannot start having fun until they are done…and now that they are, well, bring on the Christmas cheer, baby! Daddy is ready to par-tay!

Seriously, I was so excited to be finished with our cards that I actually drove them to the post office the minute I finished them…which was around 2:00AM this morning. No traffic, no lines, just me and a big old handful of stamped Christmas cards at the post office. I know I coulda waited till the morning, but, to me, the act of dropping them off inside the post office means that they are beginning their journey to their recipients. Crazy, I know, but, lemme tell ya, I smiled the whole drive home.

So, for those of you lucky enough to be on our Christmas card list, check your mailboxes in a couple of days…and for those who are not, well, Merry Christmas anyway! We still love you.

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