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Olympic Mania

OK, I know I should be focusing on other stuff today — you know, like that stack of dishes in the sink or that stack of Barbies on the floor in Greta’s bedroom — but, all I can think about are the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics tonight in London. And since it has already started in real time, I’ve been online all afternoon reading about all the cool shit that’s happening across the pond. I suppose I could find a live feed somewhere too, but, that would be like opening your Christmas presents early, so, I’ll suck it up and wait to watch the whole event “live” tonight.

That said, I will tell you two things that are due to happen tonight and they both sound totally rad. One, Duran Duran is going to perform, and two, someone dressed as the Queen is gonna parachute into the arena at some point. I also heard that they blast the Sex Pistols and the James Bond theme at various points in the ceremony too. Ha! So awesome! I can’t wait…

Oh yeah, and try as I might, I could not get Greta to wear anything red, white and blue today, but, she did settle on a dress that is vaguely English-schoolgirl-ish, so, that’ll do. Now, if I could only remember where I put my Michael Phelps wetsuit…

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