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Wow…just came home from a very rare night out with my brother to see the new Brad Pitt/Jonah Hill movie, “Moneyball” — no Greta, no Mrs. Yeti, no need to watch my language when I drove! Yay! — and lemme tell ya, the movie rocked!

I’ve been watching a lot of Oscar-bait bullshit this past couple of weeks –yeah, I’m talking to you “War Horse” — but “Moneyball” is the real deal, baby! Fresh, exciting, funny, this is a movie everyone in America should see and love. Seriously, it’s that good. The acting, writing and directing is amazing and like the rest of the movie feels totally lived-in and real. I swear, this flick is so authentic you could practically smell the peanuts and hot dogs in the stands!

And as far as Brad Pitt goes, wow, he and George Clooney (for his incredible turn in my other favorite movie of the year, “The Descendants”) are gonna make things difficult for Oscar voters this year in the Best Actor category. Pitt has never been better than he is here, and that is really saying something in my book, since I’ve been a fan of his since he cameo-ed as the Steadman’s babysitter’s boyfriend on “Thirtysomething” back in the day!

And Jonah Hill, who I am also a huge fan of, is nothing short of a revelation. His chemistry with Pitt here is incredible…sweet, funny, heartfelt and always totally real in the best sense of the word. If there’s any justice in the world, he should snag a Best Supporting Actor nod as well.

Anyway, check out “Moneyball” while you can. Not only will it renew your faith in movies, but, if you’re like me and my sappy-assed brother, it will renew your faith in life itself. I’m not kidding, man…this is an underdog movie for the ages. Don’t miss seeing it on the big screen!

And for the love of God, don’t go see it on an empty stomach. I’ll be craving Dodger dogs and fresh-roasted peanuts for weeks…


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