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Election Day 2012

The mechanics involved in our very antiquated voting system may be flawed and I’m sure we’re gonna hear about all kinds of irregularities and voter intimidation this year — in fact, we’re already hearing about it! — but, the truth is, every vote matters, especially in a year like this. So, I don’t care where you have to go or what you have to do, or even who you vote for (actually, wait…I do kinda care about that a little) I just want you to vote.

I have taken Greta with me to the polls every time I’ve voted since she’s been alive and she loves it. We vote at a retirement home near our place and they don’t always let me bring her into the voting booth with me, but, even now, Greta knows that election day is something special. She also knows that Daddy and Mommy get stickers when they vote, so, that’s a pretty big selling point too.

But, whether she’s there for the stickers or the free candy — those oldies love to give her candy! — or even just the fawning old folks in the lobby, Greta comes with us, every single time we vote. I hope your kids do too. Voting matters, and the sooner we teach the next generation about it, the better. As the sign above says: “It’s time to vote!” So, get on out there and do it today!

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