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“Desperate Housewives” to end in May 2012

Oh, man…the empty space on our Tivo just keeps getting bigger. Earlier this year, we dropped the wildly-erratic “Glee” from our Season Pass, “Oprah” went the way of “Martha” — actually, not really, we just don’t get the Hallmark Channel, so, no more “Martha” for us — and now comes the news today that “Desperate Housewives” will end it’s epic, eight year run this coming May.

As a long-time viewer, I gotta say, this is probably a good thing. I mean, last season wasn’t the worst they’ve ever had — I think that was the flash-forward-five-years season with the “fat” Gabrielle, so stupid!! — but it had some really crazy shit going on, and quickly fell to the bottom of our “watch right away” list. In fact, we still have nine unwatched episodes saved on the Tivo as I type.

So, while I am sad to see the show go — in their glory days, it was hard to find better writing, acting and directing anywhere on TV, I mean it, “Housewives” rocked! — I think it’s cool that they know they’re ending in May. That should give them plenty of time to wrap the show up nicely…ahem, or not. Either way, we’ll be watching the action on Wisteria Lane till the bitter end!

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