Date Night Movie: “Into the Woods”

Usually when I write about date night movies I'm taking about stuff that Mrs. Yeti and I see without Greta, but, tonight's “date night” was even more special. Greta and I saw a screening of Into the Woods on the Disney lot tonight and it was magical.

The movie was fantastic, the weather was wet and shimmery but not cold and the studio backlot was decorated to the hilt for tomorrow's annual tree lighting ceremony. Daddy/Daughter “date night” perfection! Seriously, we could have strolled around that gorgeous, candy-colored backlot all night…in fact, we kinda did. Enjoy the pics!


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2 responses to “Date Night Movie: “Into the Woods”

  1. I guess my visit was a month too early! I can’t wait to see this.

  2. I know! I was thinking of you the entire time we were watching it! I’m dying to talk about it with someone who knows the original Broadway show to hear what they changed, what they cut out and/or added in the move from stage to screen. I really need your Soundheim geek perspective on it, so, I too cannot wait for you to see Into the Woods! 🙂

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