Moms Demand Action’s cool new “Groceries not Guns” ad campaign

Like most people I know I tend to save my overtly political musings for Facebook (suck it Hobby Lobby!), but, the latest ad campaign from the Michael Bloomberg-backed gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America was just too good not to share with you.

Highlighting the fact that the Krogers grocery store chain bans shirtless people, outside food and drink and skateboards from their stores but allows their patrons to carry loaded firearms while shopping, the bold, striking images in these ads say it all. This is one completely ass-backward policy, amigos! Crazy town! I only wish there was a Krogers near me that I could boycott or ride my skateboard in. And I don't even own a skateboard! Grrrr!

And while some might argue that the ads (which began running in newspapers today) are preaching to the choir, the fact that similar campaigns by the group have been effective in reversing the gun policy at national retail and restaurant chains like Chipotle, Sonic, Target and Starbucks gives me hope. So, rock on, Moms Demand Action. Dads demand it too!

To learn more about the group's “groceries not guns” campaign check out this super cool piece on today's Huffington Post.



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3 responses to “Moms Demand Action’s cool new “Groceries not Guns” ad campaign

  1. I love these ads, they’re yet another wasteful program sending Michael “Nanny Bloomers” Bloomberg’s money down a rat hole, with nothing to show for it. Fools always need to be relieved of their money, it’s a public service when that happens.

    What Bloomberg, and the rest of the Ashkenazi led Gun Confiscation Lobby needs to come to grips with is that the core values of Christians will not bend to his will or his money. He may be able to penetrate in New York City, we know why that is, but his power dwindles to nothingness the further you move from the NYC epicenter.

    Even gun owners in Connecticut are conducting the largest pro-gun civil disobedience campaign in the northeast as I write by not registering guns on the Connecticut government list of “bad guns”.

    When Bloomberg’s “Astroturf” group moves out to “flyover country’, his view, not mine, people will just laugh at their antics.

    • Whoa…crazytown, who said anything about religion?! What on earth do guns have to do with “core Christian values”? The topic was whether or not people should be able to carry loaded weapons in a freaking grocery store. So, spread your hateful, anti-Semitic bullshit somewhere else, sister! Your comments are definitely not welcomed here.

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