Greta’s Dance Recital: VIDEO

Actually, this super-cool video premiered a few days ago on Facebook, but, since I am not yet FB friends with everyone reading this right now, I figured I’d best post it here as well. Unlike previous clips I’ve posted, this one is still “unlisted” on YouTube, so, the only way to watch it right now is by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

And thanks again to my brother and his lovely assistant, my sister-in-law/Greta’s Aunt Laura, for their fine videography work. You guys rock!


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One response to “Greta’s Dance Recital: VIDEO

  1. Ginger

    On behalf of your non Facebook friends, I thank you for posting Greta’s ADORABLE video here. 🙂

    She looks so cute doing her little dance. Love how she is so purposeful with her steps during certain parts of the song. I can totally hear her proud papa cheering her on in the background. 🙂 Must have been such a magical moment watching her dance.

    Congrats to the amazing Greta!!!

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